Cerberus (4) & Hydra (19) - Untitled (Vinyl)

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  1. Song Of Cerberus View full playlist (12 videos) 10 videos Play all The Cage of Existence - Playlist. Cerberus. Fractured Extraction From Within View full playlist (10 videos).
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  3. To properly enjoy the Cerberus experience, please keep your phone in portrait mode.
  4. Cerberus was thus brother to the likes of the Lernaean Hydra, the Chimera, and another monstrous dog, Orthrus. tHREE hEADED cERBERUS The most obvious feature of Cerberus was the three dog heads upon a single body, but Cerberus also possessed a mane of snakes, a serpent’s tail, and the claws of a lion; a truly deadly beast.
  5. The hydra stroke forward, And bit the Cerberus waist, Having trouble due to the Cerberus' sheer weight, He picked him up a few feet and threw him towards large rocks. The impact flung dust everywhere, A tan colored dust, The Hydra slithered around, Looking around for the demonic dog. Out of the dust a large figure appeared, The Cerberus, He bit.

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