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  1. The threshold of pain is to a very small degree dependent on the frequency of the sound. In persons conditioned to hearing loud sounds, the threshold of pain for sinusoidal signals averages decibels (dB) in relation to a pressure of 2 X 10 –5 newtons/m2 or 2 X 10 –4 dynes/cm2 and dB for noises with a continuous spectrum.
  2. Jul 28,  · Researchers believe that Neanderthals had a lower pain threshold than modern humans. A study has shown that because of genetic mutations our extinct relatives were more sensitive to pain. We typically think of Neanderthals as being strong and hardy, but now it appears that they were not as tough as we once thought.
  3. In hearing, the threshold of pain is the sound pressure or sound pressure level beyond which sound becomes unbearable for a human listener. This threshold varies only slightly with frequency. Different values for the threshold of pain are found in the literature: The volume in acoustics refers to loudness.
  4. The pain threshold is the point at which pain begins to be felt. Both are entirely subjective. With pain tolerance, this can mean physically breaking down (passing out, vomiting) or mentally breaking down (crying or screaming uncontrollably).
  5. threshold: [ thresh´old ] 1. the level that must be reached for an effect to be produced, as the degree of intensity of stimulus that just produces a sensation. 2. that value at which a stimulus just produces a sensation, is just appreciable, or comes just within the limits of perception. 3. renal t. auditory threshold the slightest.
  6. Jun 06,  · Threshold of Pain. On a mission to terminate a terrorist organization called Black March, Nikita and two fellow operatives, are captured. Mark reveals the location of a Section substation to save Angela, his See full summary»/10(50).
  7. Also, pain thresholds fluctuate. Stress and pain go together, and researchers have found that life events, such as the death of a close friend or family .
  8. Noun 1. pain threshold - the lowest intensity of stimulation at which pain is experienced; "some people have much higher pain thresholds than do other Pain threshold - definition of pain threshold by The Free Dictionary.
  9. In brief, threshold of pain is the MINIMUM sound INTENSITY at which an individual starts to feel pain. One main component of pain is its subjectivity, meaning that a stimulus to two individuals can result in two different reactions. So what could be painful to one person, can be less so to another. General Overview of Human Hearing.

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